Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pinches Tacos On Sunset

Earlier this week me and The Duchess went to this place called Pinches Tacos up on Sunset. I had to have passed this place thousands of times and never bothered to, uh, see it. Its so damned close I am mad that I didn’t know about it when me and The Engineer went to that weird ass Taxco place and had to suffer through the singing waiter with no menus. Now that I know this place exists I want to go a lot. Like, a lot. It was very good.

I was just talking to Cam a few days ago and she said that she was disappointed in the Mexican food in Los Angeles and I agreed with her. Knowing where we live and all the choices there aren’t that many that taste good. Most are…okay. Or just weird. Some of the best places are catering trucks and you have to know someone that knows which truck to go to. So I’m super happy that I now know that Pinches exists.

Atmosphere. Very bright and open place. Lot of seating inside and outside where you can watch everyone driving by on Sunset Blvd. There’s no feeling of being on top of other people when you’re eating and the music they play isn’t strange of distracting.

Location. We were able to walk here so that ruled. They do have their own parking and its near an even larger lot so you don’t have to worry about parking on the actual street. Also for tourists its walking distance of all the places on Sunset that you could never afford to experience but its fun to look at.

Service. Damn, the food came fast! I don’t think it was even ten minutes between ordering our food and getting it brought hot to the table. You can tell that the employees actually enjoy working there and they don’t greet you with phony hello’s.

Food. Each of us got flautas. I had never had one and thought it was just a taquito cut up. Nope. It was awesome and had guacamole, cheese, and lettuce. It was really good and I know I could’ve easily ate one more but that would’ve been rude. Each bite was as good as the last. Damn, now I’m hungry again!

Price. Two people can enjoy a great meal for less than $20. How often does that happen anymore? Not never. Okay, its rare. If you are ever in the area swing by my place and then take me to Pinches Tacos. I’ll give you the best reach around ever.

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