Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Microbrew Silverlake

A couple of weeks ago Cam and I went to this place I had passed a bunch of times when I worked downtown called Good Microbrew. We were in the area and decided to head there. We wanted some breakfast food and they had it so hell yeah let’s get some pancakes! Damn, I love me some pancakes. I got some with a side of bacon and scrambled eggs which tasted good.

On the other side I got a kinda soggy hash brown. I know these things are hard to make so I cant knock it that much. The place had just opened like an hour or so before so maybe the chef had to warm up a bit to get that perfect combination of brown going on them hashes. Either way I ate the damned thing because I’m hungry as hell at this point. Don't that look like the loneliest hash brown ever?

Cam got this burrito sized omelet with potatoes. I cant remember whether or not I tried one of her potatoes. I think its safe to assume that this place is well known for their beers but it was early in the day and there’s nothing fun about being drunk early in the day unless you’re at home so we stuck with Sprite’s and Arnold Palmer’s.

Atmosphere. Its on Sunset Blvd. near downtown so you will have to deal with random crazy people walking up and asking for change, especially if you sit on the street right outside like we did. Just eat inside. I can handle the exhaust from the bus that stops right there but I’m not sure many people can. The place is plenty big with lots of seating.

Location. Like I said, on Sunset so there’s the crazy factor. The parking is fine and you don’t have to pay, at least when we went there. Its not hard to find.

Service. Slow. Very slow. After we got our drinks we waited around for a very long time to get our food or refills for our drinks. It wasn’t busy and we were in plain view of the employees inside. Our waitress was nice but it would have been cool if she acknowledged the slow service.

Food. The food was okay. Not mind-blowing. I’m sure if I were less hungry I would have said “Meh.” The amount of pancakes was a lot and I was definitely full by the time I was done. The hash brown was soggy and Cam wasn’t all that excited about her omelet. I cant recall exactly what the issue was with it.

Price. Pretty damned expensive when you consider what we had. If this meal was made at home and you bought the ingredients yourself it would be a third of what the total came up to here. It would be different if the food knocked our socks off but it didn’t.

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