Friday, September 9, 2011

Zankou Chicken on Sunset

Yesterday me and South Paw went to Zankou Chicken on Sunset a little past Western. This is one of those places that I have heard of but swore I never saw and would never think about when anyone said “Where do you wanna eat?” I am so glad I finally tried this place and will definitely be heading there again. I have no idea what the other locations are like so I have only this one to base my experience off of. South Paw kept saying that the chicken was amazing so even though they had a bunch of other stuff I was getting the chicken. She also warned me about the garlic sauce (paste?) that they serve with their food. After assuring her that I wouldn’t be kissing anyone anytime soon and that it didn’t matter how strong it was, we ordered our food.

After proclaiming that I wanted some stick meat (that’s what she said…) I got the chicken shish kabobs and a large drink. It also came with what Zankou’s website describes as “garlic and tahini blended together and topped with olive oil and paprika.” It was very good but I was so focused on the garlic sauce I kept forgetting to eat it. That colorful stuff is some pickled beets so you know I didn’t eat that. South Paw got a half chicken that was an actual half chicken. Some places say they are serving you the same and I know its not. This really was.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Carney's On Sunset

There’s this hotdog place up on Sunset Blvd. called Carney’s. You know the place if you’ve driven down Sunset. It looks like a train car. They have a little rivalry with Pink’s on Melrose. And by a little rivalry I mean that Carney’s put up a big ass billboard advertising themselves right above Pink’s. What a dick move. I mean, the two places are so different there’s no reason to compete. Pink’s is popular. Carney’s is not. Its like comparing McDonald’s to The Counter.

I had not eaten from Carney’s in close to 10 years because the last experience I had with them was so bad. They are not far from me and when me and some co-workers from the old porn shop ordered a few things it took them close to two hours to bring it. Nothing like an ice cold hotdog! But thankfully I didn’t have that experience this time. I got a half pound burger with fries to start. Yes, I said start. Very good. Fries were not burned and the burger was cooked thoroughly. Looking at you, Umami Burger. The hotdogs are good but nothing to get your panties wet about. They do give you a baby bucket of sauerkraut for some reason.