Friday, September 2, 2011

Carney's On Sunset

There’s this hotdog place up on Sunset Blvd. called Carney’s. You know the place if you’ve driven down Sunset. It looks like a train car. They have a little rivalry with Pink’s on Melrose. And by a little rivalry I mean that Carney’s put up a big ass billboard advertising themselves right above Pink’s. What a dick move. I mean, the two places are so different there’s no reason to compete. Pink’s is popular. Carney’s is not. Its like comparing McDonald’s to The Counter.

I had not eaten from Carney’s in close to 10 years because the last experience I had with them was so bad. They are not far from me and when me and some co-workers from the old porn shop ordered a few things it took them close to two hours to bring it. Nothing like an ice cold hotdog! But thankfully I didn’t have that experience this time. I got a half pound burger with fries to start. Yes, I said start. Very good. Fries were not burned and the burger was cooked thoroughly. Looking at you, Umami Burger. The hotdogs are good but nothing to get your panties wet about. They do give you a baby bucket of sauerkraut for some reason.

Atmosphere. I have eaten at this place once and its like, well…eating in a train car. Some people are into things like that but not me. I don’t care what the place looks like as long as the food is good most times. But eating right off of Sunset is not all that peaceful. This is one of the reasons I wanted it brought to me.

Location. Like I said, right off of Sunset. If you have ever been on Sunset you know that parking is a motherless whore to find. Carney’s does have a parking lot but good luck getting out of it easily. The last thing anyone on that street is thinking about is letting others cut ahead of them.

Service. In the past it was shitty. Now, its much better. The guy who took my order was friendly and went over my order before just saying how long it would be and hanging up. That’s more of a Domino’s Pizza thing. It arrived at my house in 25 minutes which shocked the hell out of me. Everything was hot and cooked perfectly. They only deliver until 4:30 pm which sucks though.

Food. The food is better than average. The hotdogs could stand to be bigger and the portions of onions is excessive. You can put that amount on four hotdogs and be fine. The burger was really good as were the fries. They have milkshakes as well but not at the Sunset location. Seriously?

Price. Way cheaper than I remember. I got all this stuff for close to $20 which is a deal considering where I live and where they are. I recall it costing closer to $5 for a hotdog from here in the past but its not. Maybe I was just cheaper back in the day. Yeah. I was probably just a cheapskate.

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Jackie S. said...

That burger looks SAD!!!!