Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salsa & Beer

This past weekend I went to this place called Salsa & Beer with Miss L. I had never even heard of this place before. Maybe because it was in The Valley. Now, on a day that reached over 100 I was nervous about heading anywhere near The Valley but since it was getting close to 8pm it was a groovy 81 degrees. At a place called Salsa & Beer what do you think they had there?

We first headed to one of the locations and the shit was packed. Like people pouring out the door. I got out and went inside to ask what the wait for two people would be. Dude said 20 minutes. I called bullshit. That place was super busy and with the amount of people waiting outside, some groups of two, I knew it would be closer to an hour. I couldn’t wait an hour. I become a bitch when I am hungry.

I need to start using a more structured way to rate the places I eat and I might as well start here. Each aspect of the place will be placed based on Atmosphere, Location (to me), Service, Food, and Price.

Atmosphere. The place was nice and clean. Not too shiny and new looking which I liked. Also not all super bright. I hate eating in bright light for some reason. One thing they could use is better ventilation. When they brought those dishes that were steaming like a West Hollywood bath house it made the whole place cough or cover their faces. I think that’s the last reaction you want from diners.

Location. Its in The Valley. Need I say more? But seriously, their locations are 7 miles from each other. One was packed and we immediately got seating at the next one. Parking is a motherless whore though. Lots of tight squeezes so don’t be shocked if your car has dimples when you get back to it.

Service. This is where the place suffers. Long waits to get chips and salsa brought. Long wait to get order taken. Long wait for one of our dishes to arrive. A lot of waiting. Place wasn’t that damn busy. I can understand if we were at the other spot, but come on now.

Food. The food was fucking awesome! I got this awesome steak. It had three steaks (first image)! I thought it was just one but it turned out it was hidden. It also had a cheese burrito with rice and beans. No, I don’t eat beans. I had a XX’s to wash it down. Miss L. had this amazing steak salad thing (second image). I swear she is the only person that manages to always get a dish better than what I got. I had enough to take home and destroy the next day.

Price. For the amount of food they give the prices are very good. There is a Mexican place near me that has way higher prices and lower quality food for more than this. I’ll have to try this place again maybe during the day and see how the service is.

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