Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back At Umami

Yesterday Miss E. and I went to Umami Burger on La Brea. For once we went by and the place wasn’t packed so we sat out on the patio area. For those that don’t know Umami Burger is a kinda fancy place. Not dress shirt and tie fancy but the food looks fancy. I ordered the Manly Burger and Miss E. got the Umami Burger. We decided to share the sweet potato fries. Our food arrived and we were gonna split each in half and share. We were starving before we even got there and the long wait was not the business.

Everyone knows that I hate sending food back. If I can not send food back I will not. But we had to. Miss E. cut her burger (medium rare) open and that son of a bitch was raw! (screamed in Gordon Ramsay voice) I mean it was mooing. We sent it back and ate most of our fries while drinking Mexican Cokes. The sweet potato fries were good. I had never had them here before. As we finished them I noticed that there was brown sugar in them. They also came with this ketchup that was almost salsa like. Very good.

My Manly Burger finally arrived fully cooked but way smaller. It was awesome and had these little bacon slivers on it. I swear if I could just have a plate full of those little slices I would. If only the one done correctly was as big as the raw one. A man can dream, cant he? While I have a moment I’ll mention that the staff was very cool. They didn’t get butt hurt over us sending the food back and one of the waitresses even stated that the burger was not done.

Miss. E.’s Umami Burger was good. That fried little slice of cheese was really good. And yes this time it was finished. I’m not gonna let the fact that we got served living food turn me off from this place. I hadn’t been there in a while and when the food was prepared properly I barely chewed it I ate it so fast.


Sort of Camille said...

I don't know when they changed their policy to not cooking the burgers because it wasn't always like that. But it seems to me if you asked for your burger well done, the chef guy gets upset and ruins it somehow. Last time I went I was kind of disgusted by the greasy bun and then seeing E's bloody burger. Umami is on my year or two probation list now.

Dante Ross said...

Yeah, I still have them on double secret probation. That burger was so damned raw it was ridiculous. The first two times I went it was awesome. That last time though was so gross. I wish I had taken a picture of how bloody it was. If Miss E. had not cut it in half I would've bitten into that and screamed.