Saturday, May 19, 2018

Tart For Breakfast Food

Last week I went to Tart again for breakfast, this time with Miss J. She wanted breakfast and I had to check what places were open at 8am which is funny because you assume that places are open for some damned breakfast but that isn't the case. Tart was open so I picked that as the spot to go. I met up with her after walking further than I wanted and we headed inside. Both of us got their chicken and waffles which are really good. I told her that Roscoe's is my least favorite chicken and waffles I've had so far. The chicken here is good and I love the consistency of the waffles. She enjoyed the Tabasco butter. It is not as powerful as you are probably thinking and tastes good. Each time I've had this breakfast I end up only being able to eat half and devouring the rest for dinner.

Friday, May 11, 2018

At Inti & The Counter

A few weeks ago I went to Inti twice within a week. I went with JP who had not been since she first took me there and then with Cam since it had been a minute since she'd gone. I swear, this place is consistently good. I have to get the same stuff each time but switch it up a tiny bit. Like when I went with Cam I did not get the ceviche even though I wanted it. I was glad though because I got super full halfway through my meal. With JP she ordered the plantains which were good.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Breakfast At Tart

For a couple of weeks Cam and I have wanted breakfast. Good breakfast. Not IHOP. Last week we ended up getting Thai food and I had chicken and waffles and did the same thing again but this time at Tart over on Fairfax. After finding parking right out front which is a miracle we headed inside...round the back. It was weird. We each got a form of coffee and then our meals arrived. I got this really good chicken and waffle dish that has candied pecans, Tabasco butter, and bourbon maple syrup. The chicken was some of the best I have ever tasted and I would love to try it in a dinner or lunch. The skin was crispy and flavored perfectly and the chicken itself was super juicy. The waffle was also good. I did not finish. I took the rest home. Cam got a big ass sandwich and she had the Danish bacon removed (travesty!) and got chicken sausage on the side. The sandwich had lettuce, heirloom tomato, avocado, onion confit, fried eggs, and mustard aioli on griddled country bread. I did not try it but she loved it. I'll be heading back here again for sure.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Trejo's Donuts

After Miss Jackie and I went to get a donut. First we went to SK Donuts and guess what? They closed! They closed day before Christmas and have been closed since. Thanks, Erf. She asked about another spot nearby and there are some things that are okay. I suggested Trejo's Donuts over on Highland which I have never been to. I just hoped that they would have at least one good flavor out of the five that we got. Turns out out of the five that four were good! Great odds, y'all. And Miss Jackie got stickers.

We started with one of the nastiest things I have ever put in my mouth while not behind bars. The Nacho donut. Do not ever get this and they should be ashamed to make this. It had jalapeno, chives, cheddar cheese, and hot sauce on a donut that was the consistency of cornbread. Not never. The Hail Mary was good. It had Cajeta (caramel from goats milk) and salt. Another good choice. Three Amigos was tres leches bath and tres leches glaze. This was messy and nice but not too messy. The Lemon “Papi” was good and had the right amount of lemon flavor and not tart. It had lemon poppy seed cake, cream cheese frosting, and lemon zest. Lastly we got a Pineapple Fritter which I'd never had before. Another good one. I'd definitely try this place again and get more flavors.

Return To Grub And Crack Bacon

This morning I met up with Miss Jackie and we headed over to Grub. I had not been there in a minute and was very much looking forward to consuming bacon. Not just regular ass bacon but Crack Bacon. We managed to find parking on a side street and headed inside. I was pleased to see that it was not as packed as it usually is because we got there within the first hour of it opening. We snacked on cereal and Jackie got the BDB (baby Dutch baby) which is described as “a mix between a pancake & a soufflĂ© topped with housemade lemon curd & powdered sugar.” That shit was good. She also got a side of egg whites that looked all fancy.

I got the Carnivore BFP (big flippin' pancake) which is “a pancake with chopped 'Crack' Bacon baked in and topped with cheddar cheese and drizzled with syrup.” The last time I got this I left it but not this time, damn it! I got cranberry juice to drink an we each got the Crack Bacon. She loved it and so did I. Seriously. It is probably the best bacon you will ever eat. She is stronger than me so she was able to take a piece home. We also talked to one of the owners who showed us some hot sauce with an actor on the side neither of us recognize at first but ended up knowing him from different things eventually. And of course she loved the hot sauce with Prince on it. I really lie this place and like it even more when it is not busy and need to start going more often.

Otus And Red Lobster

Earlier this week Cam and I went to Otus which is that Thai spot over on La Brea and Fountain aka the second most dangerous intersection after La Brea and Santa Monica. We wanted some kind of breakfast and discovered that they had some here. Cam got this rice and chicken soup that smelled good and I got the chicken with Belgium waffles. The chicken was really good. Like, it was made perfectly. The waffles were soft which I liked because I am not a fan of crispy waffles. Cam also got this fancy looking ass coffee that dripped into the cup and cream that was on the table. For sure I will be getting this dish again. Oh, and dipping a drumstick into syrup? Ooh...

The other day we went to Red Lobster. I had not been to this place in any form in years. We were near LAX and Cam suggested we go there and there is no way in hell I'm gonna turn down the chance for biscuits. She got a salad, tilapia fish, and shrimp. I tried the fish and it was good. I got the shrimp linguini and fried popcorn shrimp and a mango lemonade that was bomb. Of course we got the biscuits which were good as always. I had so much pasta that I had enough to eat another meal the next day. Still mad that we didn't get a second serving of them buttery ass biscuits...

March Fat Tour 2018

JP and I had an official Fat Tour last week. Click here if you want to listen to our live reactions to soda tasting. It was very fun. The first place we headed to was Good Girl Dinette. Parking was free because it was Sunday but that also meant there was a shit ton of cars everywhere. JP had a taste of this place before from a non-Dante food tour but she did not have the awesome chicken sandwich that I ordered along with bionic garlic fries. I also got a tangelo orange soda even though we were heading to an actual soda place because I'm a fat ass sometimes. JP got this big ass glass noodle salad with huge pieces of really good steak. Super full but this was just the first stop.

Next up was Galgo's. This is the spot that started this whole thing. JP found out about Galgo's which had a ton of sodas. Neither of us are huge soda drinkers but whatever. We wanted to get some weir, new sodas so we did. The only rule was to not get anything that we had before. We ended up with thirteen different flavors. Here is what JP had to say about a couple of the ones she took home.

Philippe's French Dipped Sammiches

A few weeks ago Jennie and I headed to Philippe's near downtown to get some French dip sammiches. I had not been to this place in about fifteen years because I am rarely near that area around Chinatown. When we walked in I noticed that there was still sawdust on the floor. The line was not crazy long like I remembered all that time ago. We got our food pretty fast and headed upstairs to get our eat on. It was pretty empty up there so you know I liked it. The food was really good and not all soppy and weird. I also got a lemonade and Jennie and I split a brownie. It was the perfect amount of food for lunch and we didn't have to waddle out. Afterward we walked around Chinatown and she kept me from buying plants, nunchucks, ceremonial dresses, and turtles. I'd definitely go here again just to fill my stomach up more.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

My Birthday Food Tour

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday weekend with the coming together of people I love and food. It started on Saturday hanging with JP and heading to Plan Check. We parked in the pay lot because fuck looking for parking on Fairfax during the middle of the day on a Saturday. We shared the food because we family. She got the chicken and waffles which were as good as always and I got the Chef's burger without the yolky ass egg. We split the pastrami gravy fries which were really good but had a sprinkle of pastrami at the bottom. JP also made me a cake which I finished today. She got a slice but the rest was all mine! Deal with it.

On Sunday Cam and I headed to Inti which is the amazing Peruvian spot on Melrose. We shared the Ceviche De Camarones that has shrimp in lemon juice with onions. There are also potatoes (sweet and regular) as well as roasted and boiled kernels. The boiled ones are new. This stuff is so damn good. Cam got the Pescado Saltado fish strips with french fries, sauteed onions, and tomatoes and I had the pasta with chicken, onions, and tomatoes. It was so good. Then on Monday I went with SR to Inti once again and we got the civiche. She loved it and had never been here before. She also got the Arroz Chaufa De Camarones which was really good shrimp fried rice with scrambled eggs and green onions. It tasted like how shrimp fried rice tasted in the 80's. I got the Lomo Saltado that is strips of beef sauteed with onions, tomatoes, french fries on steamed white rice and strips of beef sauteed with onions. Each meal I had was enough for three meals. I had so much fun and had so much good food with cool ass people making it one of my favorite birthdays.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Late Food Posts

I have been slacking like crazy on this blog. I have been eating at different places and just not posting images of it here. I'm terrible. Late last year I went to On The Thirty in Sherman Oaks and Jennie and I got this brunch meal that included mimosas that were might powerful and fried chicken sandwiches with delicious fries. Out of all the chicken sandwiches I've had this is the second best after the ones that are no longer made at Tom Bergin's. Yeah, they no longer make them there. This one was made perfectly and did not fall apart when picked up. Another place I went to for the first time was this place called Delicious Pizza over on Sunset. Cam and I went there in December after a movie and the food was super good. We split the pizza in half with her side being arugula and mine being pepperoni and mushroom. The price was a bit high but it was very good. Nice vibe inside, but I just wish that they would play the songs the whole way through and not bounce around like an iPod on shuffle. In February Mala and I went to Bossa Nova and I got the fish and chips. They were good but I learned that it does not taste as good the next day. This place is really fun to be in. The staff seems like they enjoy working there.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Month And A Half Worth Of Food

I have a lot of food blogging to catch up on so I am cramming them all into this post. About a month ago JP and I went to Plan Check after seeing that they had this damned burger with cheese, bacon, and fried onions. I was all over that after we found out that they could turn their small burgers large. We also got their fries, drinks, and JP got the chicken sandwich. Everything was super good. Afterward we headed to this place called Cofax which turned out to be horrible. The look on JP's face when she saw the small selection was priceless. I got two donuts, a mango one that was so damned tart that I could only have one bite. I also got some pistachio deal and a regular ass cookie. We enjoyed our coffees but will never head to this place again. JP was already looking for another donut place while we waited for our order and we headed to California Donuts which was fucking awesome. Every single donut we got from them tasted amazing. No ICDC but really good.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Inti Restaurant (Semi Fat Tour)

Yesterday JP and I participated in another Fat Tour. We went to this place neither of us had been to called Inti Restaurant over on Melrose and Cahuenga. Never been here and never heard of it. Hell, I'd never even eaten Peruvian food before so this was a lot of little new things. I won't even try and name the stuff we had but I'll try to describe it as best I can. I wanted to try two new dishes and rethought this decision once I saw one of the big ass plates someone else had. 

We each got a dish that was spaghetti, Tallarin Saltado De Carne, with some type of soy sauce (I got chicken she got beef) with onions and tomato. It was a huge portion but we ended up eating almost all of it. I also got what is called a Lomo Saltado which was “strips of beef sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and french fries served with steamed white rice, strips of beef sauteed with onion.” I know that sounds crazy but I'll be damned if a plate full of fries, steak, and rice wasn't amazing. We killed that dish. 

We got the plantains too which were made differently than I'd had before. They were fried a little more and sweeter. Oh, and the Inca Cola is now one of my new favorite drinks. Damn, this place was really good. The prices were cheap, and the service was fast and nice. The only downside is the fact that it is on Melrose so parking was a bitch to get. Even before we were finished eating I told JP that we had to come back and try some more dishes. We later went to Carmela's and Bob's for coffee and donuts as an extra dessert on top of the caramel cookie we got with lunch. 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Counter And Lost Food Posts

Yesterday Cam and I headed to Wilshire which is her old stomping grounds. We went to the museum and then headed to The Counter because Tom Bergin's wasn't opening for a while. We were gonna just get some hooch at The Counter but Cam was like “Wanna just eat here?” Of course, was my response. Anything to sit still. We got our drinks which were an Alaagash Tripel for me which has like 11% alcohol and she got a gin with pickle juice with extra pickle which I am never going to try. My drink was larger than it should've been because a new guy was being trained. Worked out well for me. 

For food I got the barbecue burger with fries and she got the WTF turkey burger minus the bacon and those little fried onion thingies. Then we noticed that they also had a new fried chicken sandwich. So fuck it. We got that, too. We split it because if we had both gotten one each we would have had to be rolled to the car. The burgers were good and my ass was hungry since I'd only had cereal and coffee so far. The chicken sandwich was good but both of us had to pull off some of the jalapenos because they were not playing with the amount they put. I have no problem with hot food but I'm not a fan of losing the feeling in my lips. We just ate, talked, and laughed like fools while watching all the strange ass people that walk Wilshire. Seriously. There are some really strange looking folks that occupy that street.

I found these pictures from a few weeks back that I forgot to post about. JP and I went to Golden State about a month ago and Fritzi Coop at the Farmer's Market the same day during a mini Fat Tour. We both got bacon burgers with fries. I got the sweet potato ones which are hot as lava but we still shoved them in out mouths. I think we split the chicken sandwich because she called me out for being a fatty fatty fat fat and wanting even more food. This was her first time getting this and she liked it and wished we had another.

About two or three weeks ago Cam and I went to Lala's over on Melrose.I used to go to this place a lot but stopped after that tomato scare years ago. Remember that nonsense? Ever since then Lala's changed their menu and later made adding tomato to something extra. I forgot to add the picante but the chicken and fries were still good. Cam got this fancy ass salad thing. Lala's is still good but the parking is almost always a problem unless you get valet which is something I almost refuse to do when the sun is still out. This was also on a day where we worked in her yard so I drank about five Sprite's which they refilled quickly.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

July Fat Tour

Another day with JP another Fat Tour. This one was not planned out completely. We had a donut spot in mind and that was about it. The first place we headed to was Mad Men Burger over on Venice. Online it has it listed as Mad Men Deli as well. And on another it says its closed. They really need to get that straightened out because we could have easily just not gone expecting it to no longer exist. Parking is not good. We managed to find a spot on the street nearby. They have their own parking for customers but it could hold a car and a half. Inside is very nice and clean. They play cool ass much though it may be a little too loud. But whatever. I like rap. JP and I got a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink for $8 and some change. I also got chicken strip to go which I had today that were good. The burgers and everything on it were fresh as hell. Its not a huge meal but its enough to get you satisfied. We both said that we wouldn't break our necks to go here again but if we were in the area we'd check it out again.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Nariya Thai On Sunset

Today Cam and I went to this Thai spot over on Sunset called Nariya. This was my second time but the first time I went a few weeks ago I didn't have my camera with me. We started with some super sweet Thai iced teas with the Nariyan Sampler which consisted of chicken satay, crispy spring rolls, firecrackers, and wontons. Each of these are good. They also come with two sauces. One of them is this cucumber one that is really tasty and I could just add this onto anything.

Cam got the Nariya salad which she hoped was not too spicy. There were spicy parts but she was able to still enjoy it. She also got the silver noodles and there was enough for three meals. I didn't try this but I did try the salad and it was good. I stayed away from peanuts because I can not deal with peanuts in hot food. I also got the Thai barbecue pork which is so damned good. It reminds me of when that place Kinaree was good (they no longer exist thankfully and a new great spot Otus is there now). I really like this place and want to try some new dishes the next time I go.