Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tip Or Not To Tip?

This may be a sore subject for some and I know this is my food blog but this is something that comes up almost every time I go out and eat. How much do I tip? Most people do the 20% thing. The problem I have is that not every time I go out and eat I don’t get service worthy of giving someone a 20% tip. Twice it has happened when a waitress come outside and mentioned the tip being smaller than they thought it should be.

Years ago at that great Brazilian spot Versailles’s I had wait service that was so terrible that I left a 10 cent tip. After me and my friend waited 20 minutes for our change that was all that was left. That waiter sucked ass. At IHOP over here as much as I love their food I have an equal amount of hate for the staff there. It’s a revolving door of never was actors with an attitude that screams “What do you mean you cant see how famous I’ll be someday?!”

Lots of people pull the Reservoir Dog speech out and talk about how little money the wait staff makes. Get a new job. Most of us at some point have had some terrible job but there’s nothing that will make a crappy job go by slower than treating customers like shit. Yes, there are shitty customers at every job that involves humans just as there are shitty co-workers at every job on the planet. But don’t treat me like crap because you had a bad day or the lady at table 4 has a screaming ass baby.

I don’t go by the 20% rule. I go by different things that occur during the meal. I ask myself certain questions. How often did the waiter come to the table? Did they forget we are here? How many times did they refill my cup? Are they trying to rush me through my meal? Things like that affect how I will tip. Am I a bad person because of this?

King & I


King & I rules. I had never been to this place until one day while hanging out with Camille and Kirby we went. I was in love from the very first sip of their Thai iced teas. I always judge Thai places by how good they are. I’ll never make the mistake of getting one from the doughnut shop ever again. Damn, that was a bad idea. Anyway…


We started off with the potstickers which were so damned good. I actually stopped mid-sentence to talk about how good they were. And they give you soy sauce that isn’t all salty. Very good and you barely need it since the potstickers have so much flavor.


And yes, thanks to Kiyoshi (or his shame at me wanting a fork at a ramen place in Little Tokyo years ago)I know how to use chopsticks.


I usually get the chicken or beef pad Thai but this time I got the chicken fried rice. I am so glad that I did. It was so damned good. Didn’t need anything with it. No sauces or anything sprinkled on top. That is Camille’s hand you see taking my cucumber because you all know I’m not eating that vegetable. This place is on La Cienega a block or so before Olympic. Good fast service with a very nice staff.

Andre's Pizza

I like Andre’s. This place has been the same since I was 18. The same cashier is even there! I always get the same thing when I go there which you can see in the picture. Just pizza, a mango Snapple (the best with Italian food), and some of their garlic bread that tastes more like cheese. Andre’s is a place that I tend to forget about when I am broke or near it. Its across the street from The Farmer’s Market (or the Grove) and in the back behind the Payless. Not hard to find but you cant exactly see it from the street. Give it a try.