Monday, March 25, 2013

Vietnamese Pork & Shrimp Salad

Over the weekend (yes, I eat multiple full dishes in one day sometimes) me and H. had a really awesome dinner she made. It was Vietnamese salad with pork and shrimp. Thankfully I have been eating more vegetables lately because this had, like, actual salad-ness to it. I will rarely turn down a dish that has pork or shrimp in it let alone both. Are you crazy?! I’ve had dinner with her and her family multiple times but never got to make them one of my dishes but I hope to very soon. This was way more filling than I imagined it would be. When she told me about it I pictured one of those small side salads that you get at restaurants. It wasn’t! It was big and good. Like me. Click here to get the recipe for yourself.

Breakfast At Panini Cafe

Last weekend me and Cam went to Panini Café to get breakfast. I rarely plan anything out in advance but the idea of not seeing my best friend for almost two weeks is ridiculous so I asked her if she was available and she was. Yayness! So the plan was the either go to Charlie’s at The Grove or Toast. We drove past Toast and it was packed as usual but then we headed down Crescent Heights and saw that Panini Café had breakfast and there was parking right out front. So went sat outside and ordered our stuff.

Honey Nut Chex

Honey Nut Chex is amazing. This is one of those cereals that when I was little would dread when it went on sale because my mother would buy it. But last week I decided to skip on the Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles for a few weeks and got this and some Fiber One. So far both are good and actually make me feel better. That’s the thing about honking up your body for years with “bad” food. When you try something new the results are immediate.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Larb And Ribs At Sammy's Thai

This past Saturday I was talking to Dashuh on the phone and she mentioned the fact that she got ribs. I wasn’t even thinking of ribs until she brought it up and I decided to give Sammy’s Thai ribs a try since in the years I’ve been going I had never tried anything in the form of a barbecue. So I ordered them and while very messy (thankfully I don’t eat ribs in public) getting on my pants and blanket they were very good. But you know I cant stop there. I’m not gonna get something to eat there and get just one thing. They’re that good. I also got a cup of Thai iced tea that I managed to drop while still in the restaurant. It wasn’t my fault. They tied it weird and it was cool because they replaced it for free.

The other dish I got was, of course, the larb. I love their larb. Dashuh looked it up and said that larb sounded like what you’d do after eating it. Regardless, it’s a great meal. I got the spicy one and it wasn’t really that different than the non-spicy one. I had two of the four ribs and most of the larb. Damn it. That is a weird word. I had to fight to make sure that I didn’t head back the next day to get some more of it. I’ll try and get something new the next time I go. Try.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"New" Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles has a brand new flavor. Well, there is no real flavor. Its the color. They made it brighter which makes it look prettier. Thankfully they haven't messed around with the taste. I was talking to some coworkers that are in their mid 20's and had to explain to them that certain cereals, though they have the same name, taste very different. Most noticeable if you grew up eating cereal almost every morning are Trix (completely different taste and not for the better) and Kix (which used to taste like armpit but it is now sweet). I don't know what I'd do if they ever changed the taste of Fruity Pebbles. Probably riot. Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'd riot. I know it may not seem like a big deal to many but to me this is the best cereal ever made and messing with anything but its color is ridiculous. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Last week my Coco asked me to help her make a pineapple upside down cake since I had made one before. Did I? I searched this blog for it and couldn't find it anywhere. Then I checked Dantania and lo and behold there it was! I had written it and made the cake before I ever started this here blog. Isn't it strange that she would remember that but not me? Either way we got started after a struggle to get to Ralph's.

I hate Santa Monica Blvd. traffic. As bad as it is for the person driving, as a passenger not only am I pissed to be in it I have to listen to a pissed off driver and all the other lunatics on the road. And for whatever reason we're getting summer time weather so that didn't help my half asleep mood. The ingredients are very few for making this. Brown sugar, butter, canned pineapples, those sweet ass cherries in a jar, cake mix, eggs, and vegetable oil.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lots Of Food At Lots Of Places

In the last few weeks I've had a lot of food at multiple places. Instead of doing several tiny posts I decided to just bombard your asses with one semi-long one. The first is from Sammy's Thai which me, Cam, and her Salsa Hooligans ordered during the Academy Awards. It took a while to arrive which was understandable since the awards are like a holiday here. We got pad thai, rice, won tons, shrimp dishes, and chicken larb. The chicken larb was great and I've had it once before at another spot Heidi had taken me to near Hollywood. It was spicy but not kick your ass spicy which was good. What the hell is larb, you ask? There is beef, chicken, and pork larb. So far chicken has been my favorite along with white rice.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Celery Flavored Soda

I tasted hatred. I never knew that hatred had a taste until I had it yesterday. I tried for the first and last time Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda. It is celery flavored soda. That’s right. The vegetable you loved as a child is now a soda that hates you. By “other natural flavors” I assume they mean sugar, rage, and struggle. I’m still not sure why I tried this. Cam, who hates celery pointed it out and in my non-sleeping stupor I decided to get it with my hotdog. What a bad idea! As soon as it hit my tongue I could taste the celery breaking through with sugar sprinkled on it. I would never try this again and suggest you don’t try it once. As I told Jacquese, “It tasted like a felony.”