Monday, March 25, 2013

Breakfast At Panini Cafe

Last weekend me and Cam went to Panini Café to get breakfast. I rarely plan anything out in advance but the idea of not seeing my best friend for almost two weeks is ridiculous so I asked her if she was available and she was. Yayness! So the plan was the either go to Charlie’s at The Grove or Toast. We drove past Toast and it was packed as usual but then we headed down Crescent Heights and saw that Panini Café had breakfast and there was parking right out front. So went sat outside and ordered our stuff.

I got the big ass glass of orange juice seen up there and scrambled chicken sausage. It had sausage, mushrooms, cheese, and bell peppers in it. It also had a mound of potatoes that I could have substituted with a salad or fruit. There was also a couple slices of sourdough bread. I managed to finish half of this because it was so damned big.

Cam got an omelet and I cant begin to tell you what was in it besides eggs, cheese, and other stuff. She liked it with her tea, potatoes, and salad. We both took our stuff to go. Since we ate outside we were spoken to by two hobos. One had a dollar that Cam thought he was offering to us because he stuck it through the glass. This is the new breakfast spot. I never even thought to try this place for breakfast until Cam pointed out that in big ass white letters that they served it.


Jackie S. said...

Breakfast is my favorite meal...especially breakfast for dinner!

Dante said...

Does cereal for breakfast count? I think lunch is my favorite meal because I am more creative with what I have.