Monday, March 18, 2013

Larb And Ribs At Sammy's Thai

This past Saturday I was talking to Dashuh on the phone and she mentioned the fact that she got ribs. I wasn’t even thinking of ribs until she brought it up and I decided to give Sammy’s Thai ribs a try since in the years I’ve been going I had never tried anything in the form of a barbecue. So I ordered them and while very messy (thankfully I don’t eat ribs in public) getting on my pants and blanket they were very good. But you know I cant stop there. I’m not gonna get something to eat there and get just one thing. They’re that good. I also got a cup of Thai iced tea that I managed to drop while still in the restaurant. It wasn’t my fault. They tied it weird and it was cool because they replaced it for free.

The other dish I got was, of course, the larb. I love their larb. Dashuh looked it up and said that larb sounded like what you’d do after eating it. Regardless, it’s a great meal. I got the spicy one and it wasn’t really that different than the non-spicy one. I had two of the four ribs and most of the larb. Damn it. That is a weird word. I had to fight to make sure that I didn’t head back the next day to get some more of it. I’ll try and get something new the next time I go. Try.

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