Sunday, January 22, 2012

Daphne's In Culver City

Daphne’s is a Greek place that Cam and I went to earlier this evening. It was really good. I got a pita burger, fries, rice, and Coke. Not just regular Coke. But their machine had an extra button where you could squirt with cherry, vanilla, or orange syrup for flavoring. Damn, it was good! Cam got a chicken pita thing and some chicken soup. This place was pretty damn nifty and I wish there was one nearby. Now to the part of the story that led us to getting to Culver City.

Burger's At Calendar's

Went to Calendar’s the other day while on a mural tour. Cam, her mom’s friend, and I all sat down and had a very good meal. We never think to go to this place which is weird. On either side is Johnny’s (good food angry service) and The Counter (still on double secret probation for being asshats). I got a cheeseburger and fries with Sprite. They gave me four refills! Four! I’m like Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs where I need a certain amount of refills to make me happy. Cam had to explain that I will drink a ton and then not have to use the restroom for hours. That’s how I roll. I have trained my bladder well. Anyhoot, go to Calendar’s on Wilshire. Its good.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Marlin On Sawtelle

Tonight Cam and I headed to this place called Blue Marlin. The way I said that makes it seem like it was really easy to find and we just moseyed our asses there with no problems. This was not the case. I had never been to this place or heard of it before she mentioned it to me, and she kinda knew where it was. So after driving around for a bit we found it. Thank god because I was getting close to bitchy. I’m so ugly when I’m hungry. When I was told about this place Cam kept saying that they had Japanese spaghetti.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Johnny's On Wilshire

Cam and I have now for some reason made a habit out of starving ourselves before finally eating somewhere. Between watching a documentary at the African American History Museum, shopping at multiple places, and screaming at people in cars while singing, we managed to go to this place Johnny’s that we haven’t been to in years. Its right on Wilshire right near the LACMA. We tried to figure out what we wanted (everything fro sushi to hamburgers) and settled on Italian since it covered every base we needed to be…covered.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Penguin's On Pico

This weekend while hanging out with Cam and running errands we both realized that we hadn’t really eaten all day. I wanted something different. Something I hadn’t had in a while. Fish and chips! And shrimp! We went to this place called Penguin's on Pico that I had never been to and probably passed all the damn time. We ordered catfish, jumbo shrimp, fries, and Snapple’s. This was exactly what I wanted and needed. This place was fast, good atmosphere, and the price was good. I’ll be heading here again. Better than going all the way to the ‘hood just for some fish. I got a side of macaroni while Cam got potato salad. Damn it. Now I'm hungry again.

Domino's Delivers To My House

The other day I ordered pizza from Domino’s and I fucking love it. You know why I love it besides for obvious reasons like its cheap and its good? Its because they actually fucking deliver! I tried ordering pizza from Pizza Hut a few weeks ago and they told me that they don’t deliver to my area. My area? You mean West Hollywood? Its not some obscure or far ass place that I live in. I live in a city that has plenty of food places. They used to deliver here and I don’t know when they stopped but screw them. The jerks.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stout Burger & Bear Hollywood

Last night The Engineer took me to this place called Stout Burger & Beer that’s on Cahuenga between Sunset and Hollywood Blvd. This is another one of those places I had passed plenty of times and just never paid attention to. They specialize in a shit ton of beer and delicious burgers. I’m super damn picky when it comes to burgers so I was hoping that it would at least be as good as some of my favorite places. I also hardly drink liquor and eat at the same time which is something I’m still working on.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Buddha's Belly On Beverly

Cam and I went to this place I’d never gone to called Buddha’s Belly over on Beverly Blvd. I had to have passed this place so many times over the years and just never looked at it or something. Its close to Pan Pacific Park and The Grove and for whatever reason my brain just Matrix’d it out of my line of sight. Very strange indeed.

We headed over here even though yesterday we had an amazing dinner thrown by Cam for her annual after New Year’s deal. Her chicken is great by the way as is her tipsy rum cake which I always call “drunk cake” because the longer it sat in my fridge the more powerful it got. Sadly I didn’t take any pictures because my fat ass just shoved it in my mouth beforehand. Mixed with shrimp, fuzzy navels and an accidental screwdriver mixed with some funny ass conversation and you have a recipe for a happy Dante. Back to the restaurant.