Saturday, January 14, 2012

Johnny's On Wilshire

Cam and I have now for some reason made a habit out of starving ourselves before finally eating somewhere. Between watching a documentary at the African American History Museum, shopping at multiple places, and screaming at people in cars while singing, we managed to go to this place Johnny’s that we haven’t been to in years. Its right on Wilshire right near the LACMA. We tried to figure out what we wanted (everything fro sushi to hamburgers) and settled on Italian since it covered every base we needed to be…covered.

We got inside and there were a group of waiters that didn’t seem to want to help anyone. Cam noticed this immediately. We sat down and our surly waiter brought us our drinks. We also got these great bread knots. I think we chewed them but who knows? We ate them so fast. I ordered a chicken alfredo and Cam got the tomato one or something. They were good and I had enough left for a small meal later. The waiter we had seemed unhappy to be working but the other one we had was cool. I got three refills of my lemonade! I say go there for the food, not the service.

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