Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stout Burger & Bear Hollywood

Last night The Engineer took me to this place called Stout Burger & Beer that’s on Cahuenga between Sunset and Hollywood Blvd. This is another one of those places I had passed plenty of times and just never paid attention to. They specialize in a shit ton of beer and delicious burgers. I’m super damn picky when it comes to burgers so I was hoping that it would at least be as good as some of my favorite places. I also hardly drink liquor and eat at the same time which is something I’m still working on.

Atmosphere. Not sure what this place is like during the day but its so cool at night. Dark and all but very busy which meant we didn’t have to talk like ninjas or use sign language the way Cam and I did at Burger Kitchen. If I do have one complaint its that the place is a bit too tightly packed meaning the waitresses (who have great boobs) have to squeeze in between the tables. We sat near where a window would be which was cool because they had the heat on but you couldn’t see where it was coming from.

Service. Awesome service. They brought the food and beer quickly. If anything, and I know I sound like a total hypocrite seeing as how the last year ended with so many shitty servers, they came a little too often. Yeah, sounds ridiculous but that’s how I felt. Still good though.

Location. I know that if we had gone later in the evening we would have had to get valet or park far away. The spot where it is located is very popular amongst tourists and drunks that go to all the bars nearby (says the guy drinking for the third day in a row). We got lucky and found a meter right across the street from the place.

Food. Oh my god the burger was amazing! I got the Stout Burger. From what I remember it had bleu cheese, bacon, cheese, tomato and was so damn good. Seriously, one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Engineer had a burger that had this fig sauce on it which was awesome as well. The beer I had, which I don’t remember, was good and had about 9% alcohol. But back to the burgers. Damn, they were perfect and juicy and filled me right the hell up! And their fries were great and plentiful.

Price. I was a little worried about how much this would cost since it was really good and the place isn’t some kinda monkey ass cheap spot. Believe it or not, this place is cheaper than The Counter, Father’s Office, and especially Umami Burger. I will be going back here and trying one of their other great burgers.

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