Saturday, July 30, 2011

Father's Office

Last week I went to Father’s Office in Culver City with Miss L. She had posted about this place and I was always wondering “When’s gonna be my time?!” Well, I finally got to go and I’ll be damned if this wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever had! I know I said the same thing about Umami Burger. Then I said it about The Counter. Well, I’m saying it once again. The burger has blue cheese, lettuce, and some kinda sauce that is just delicious. They also give you a mountain of fries so split your order. And don’t get me started on their powerful ass drinks! The staff was really awesome and nice and there when you needed them. I loved this place but already Cam has told me about a place that’s supposed to be better. We’ll see how that goes.

(edit: Was just told by Miss L. herself “How can you forget to write about the bone marrow fat!?!” so here it goes)

For an appetizer we got this bone marrow fat. Yeah. I know it sounds strange and I’m really not one to experiment when it comes to what goes in my mouth. Don’t be a pervbot. It is a couple of pieces of beef marrow with the smoothest, most buttery, most tastiness inside. It was served with pieces of toasted slices of bread to spread it on. I had heard for a while that marrow had the best tasting part of most meats but I was nervous about trying it. I’m so glad I did though.

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