Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hooter's In Long Beach

While seeing fireworks in Long Beach with Coco (who did my tattoo) we wanted to grab something to eat. At first we were going to head to Outback Steakhouse but the wait was 45 minutes and we would’ve missed the fireworks. So after seeing the explosions every place had stopped serving food and only had booze. Heat and hunger plus liquor is stupid so we hunted for food. Chili’s, Boston’s Pizza, and a few other places I had never heard of were done for the night.

But Hooter’s wasn’t!

So we get to Hooter’s which I’ve eaten at before in Santa Monica near the beach. That location is fast, good service, more legs than hooters. I had used the gift certificates I’d won from being on Adam Carolla’s Show when he was on 97.1 here in Los Angeles. It was great. The one in Long Beach, not so much.

They say they called us for our tables but we didn’t hear it apparently. We got our seat and I ordered a burger and fries with bacon and Sierra Mist. Coco ordered crab cakes. So a minute before my food arrived they let Coco know that the crab cakes were non existent. So she ordered what I had. They finally bring her food and…its wrong. They brought some mushroom and cheese burger. Coco ate it but it wasn’t what she wanted. The waitress asked if she wanted to switch it but it was that thing where you ask praying someone says no.

I hope this place isn’t like this all the time. Strange service (waitress took our order on a napkin), wrong food brought, blaring television followed by even louder music, and a glass case keeping a old man who stared at all the waitresses while they worked. The food was good but, wow, I’ll try not to go to Hooter’s in Long Beach if I have a choice. Which I do.

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