Saturday, July 16, 2011

At The Counter Again

So I went to The Counter on Wilshire near the La Brea Tar Pits with South Paw. She had never gone to the Counter so I was more than happy to share the joy that Cam once introduced me to. For started we got the fries and onion rings combo. The onion rings weren’t like regular onion rings. They were these tiny little onion shreds and they were really good and served with this awesome barbecue sauce. I liked these more than regular ass onion rings because they weren’t as strong.

For a burger I got a jalapeno cheese burger and garlic aioli sauce with a Sprite. They forgot the bacon. They forgot the bacon! I’ll get to this later. It was really good though. I always get more stuff well done after the infamous Dante Gets Food Poisoning Incident of ‘08. I forgot to take a picture of South Paw’s burger before she started eating it but here it is. It had bacon. Mine didn’t. She enjoyed it and we both got full as I always do when at The Counter. Now allow me to rant about wait staff for a moment.

Our waiter was nice enough. She was nice. Wasn’t mean. She was just nonexistent. Now to set the scene, it was not busy there. Plenty of waiters working. No loud kids or large groups to serve. South Paw told me to mention that my bacon wasn’t on it but I was hungry now and didn’t want them to take my food back and wipe boogers on it. I waited a while to get a refill (which those of you that have eaten with me I will drink 5 drinks and not go to the bathroom). Then we had to wait for a while to get the check. Why? Because our waitress was outside chatting with a cute guy.

Was he a customer? No. He was just there. So I find another waiter and ask him for our check. He says he’ll tell our waitress. Sigh. She finally arrives and gets our check and then returns to tell us she will be back with our change. Then she arrives more minutes later to ask us if we want dessert. The thing that sucks is that I would have loved a milkshake but we had waited so long I was ready to leave.

The Counter on Wilshire has really good food but hiring these kids that want to be actors or whatever (yes, I am Mr. Presumptuous) that make me wait for food only to forget the bacon, which is an unforgivable offense, is getting to me.

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