Saturday, July 2, 2011

Le Pain Quotidien

So today on a hot summer day here in Los Angeles I went to this place in Larchmont called Le Pain Quotidien. “What’s this about Pain?!” I cried. Miss E. assured me that it meant “pan” in French. This is a very cool and nice place with a great staff. I got this amazing sandwich that had chicken, avocado, tomatoes, and a piece of cantaloupe. I hadn’t had a taste of cantaloupe in forever so it was weird to taste one again. It was served on this flat plate that looked cool and I washed it down with a few glasses of real lemonade.

We also got this muffin thing for dessert. I forget what it had in it but apparently there were Chia Pet seeds all over it.So the next time anyone sees me and plants are coming out my ass you’ll know why. The thing about this place that amazed me was that it was all organic and health. If you’ve read more than two of these blogs you know that I fight healthy. But Le Pain Quotidien was really good.


Sort of Camille said...

The French word "pain" means bread. "Pan" is Spanish for bread.

Dante Ross said...

What have I told you about teaching me new things? Now I forget what day Easter is on.