Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lala's On Melrose

Went to Lala’s for dinner with Cam. It was so good! I usually get the half polla ala something or other picante, an empanada, and Sprite. This time I decided on a chicken picante sandwich with fries and a lemonade. Damn, it was good! I told Cam that I didn’t feel like dealing with my normal meal (“I don’t feel like fighting with my food…”). It was super good and I was glad I decided to try something new for once.

Cam got this rice deal thing. I cant even pretend to remember what it was called or what all was in it.

Before the meal we waited until we got this bread and stuff. Its so good but you have to be careful you not to get full off of it. I love Lala’s and a while back their quality dropped (after the Deadly Tomato Scare a few years back) but they are back in business!

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