Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baby Blue's BBQ

I went to this place called Baby Blue's BBQ in West Hollywood yesterday for lunch. I had not been to this place in years and decided to get a burger and chicken even though I said I didn't want any chicken or a burger. Go figure. I ordered a Willie Brown Burger which has American cheese, maple bacon, onion rings, and barbecue sauce. It was so damned good. I just forgot to get fries which sucked but the burger was really good. It did not cripple me and was just the right size. Oh, and it tasted like it was barbecued. I know that sounds weird, but I have had burgers that claimed to be barbecued but tastes like smoke sauce.

I also got, because I'm a fat ass, the Smokin' Wings. They were really good but I made the mistake of getting the XXX sauce (Habanero, serrano, poblano, with pineapple, raspberry, and mango). Ooh, boy. These damned things had the back of my head sweating. They were good but next time I'll get something that my soft ass can handle. Oh, and they have Kool-Aid! Come on, now. You know I got some of that too. I also got some banana pudding for dessert. I was not planning on eating this all in one day but I did. I plan on getting the chicken sandwich today. And the Kool-Aid.

Update. The following day I headed back and got a chicken sandwich, Kool-Aid, and some fries. Nothing to write home about. Maybe I should have gotten the shredded chicken. Its a filet but a very thin piece that is folded over once. If it was fried (which I do not believe there is an option of) or seasoned well this would have been good because the salad on top and the bun were nice. The fries were seasoned and just limp. I was hoping for thick ones. I'll just stick with wings and try their links at some point.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fat Tour 2017

Me and JP went on a Fat Tour last week! Well, it was over a week ago but I have been making songs, Perler beads, watching movies, and recovering from being sick so I've been putting this off. For those that do not know, a Fat Tour consists of going to three or more places in one day. This time we went to four of them in the span of two hours. Diabetes and high blood pressure be damned! The first place we went to was Guisado's in West Hollywood. This place is not close to expensive. We each got three tacos. I got one beef, pork, and chicken. JP got shrimp, beef, and chicken. My favorite was the chicken. This place was fast and busy. We sat inside and ate our dripping ass tacos. The drinks could be improved as JP described hers as “pruney.” I didn't mind it as much as gave her my lemonade one. I'd definitely go back here since its not far and they have a lot on their menu.

Next door was Salt And Straw which I'd heard about for a minute but never went to. Hell, we didn't even know it existed near me but it was right next door to Guisado's so we headed inside. We each got the same flavor of salted caramel but JP got hers in regular ice cream and I got mine as a shake. The lady at the counter warned me how salty is is so they cut it with vanilla. It was good. JP did not like hers because she said it was very salty. I believe her based on the faces she was making.