Friday, December 25, 2009

Around The World With My Mouth

Last couple weeks I have had the chance to go to some new places to eat and try some stuff I hadn’t had before. Each time it was awesome. I also went to some places where I had been before and had a great meal.
I went to these Japanese place with Kiyoshi where we had curry. I had the chicken curry while he had the beef. It was so damned good and filling. Had a Sprite with it as to not interfere with the taste too much. Awesome curry but it ran through me like a Kenyan during the LA Marathon! This caused me to use a port-a-potty for the first time. Eat it near your home.
I also went to Kinaree on La Brea and Fountain. I love this place and I always get the same damn thing. Yes, I’m that guy. I get the honey pork with steamed white rice and fried crab wantons for an appetizer. I love this place. They are fast and the food has never fucked with my stomach. I also had some of the food from Summer’s plate. I didn’t eat the vegetable part though.
At Benihana I had a steamed shrimp fried rice. I cant even call it just that. There was so much stuff tossed in there. There was rice, shrimp, cucumber, onions. It was loaded and very filling. I also had the chicken.
And don’t let me forget the cool little onion volcano. That was awesome.
And then there was this spot in Venice right by the beach. It was a Mediterranean spot that was very cozy. I cant remember the name of it though but it was really good, even the next day. I got the chicken kabob that had this sauce that made my mouth water. And it came with fries and that made me happy. Very cheap place by the way. For about $20 you get delicious pita bread, real mint tea (with real leaves in it!), and your meal.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Fried Turkey!!!

So you think you’ve eaten a good turkey before? You lie! You have no had a real turkey until you have had it fried. That’s right. Fried, baby. For Thanksgiving my mother made one for the very first time and I was as happy as I was upset. Upset because it took me 30 years to taste this awesome ass thing.

It took about 45 minutes to fry this dirty birdie. It was by far the most juicy turkey I have ever had in my life. I doubt I will ever have better turkey. You dad’s turkey? No. Granny’s? You wish. This, my friends, is the apex. Makes me sad. Being 30 and knowing that I will never eat another turkey that taste better than this one.

If you haven’t had it you should really find a way to. I’m not talking about dipping a turkey in a trashcan full of oil. My mother used a machine for this so powerful it knocked out the electricity! It was worth it though. Next year I will have fried turkey. And the next year after that. Just you watch me. Turkey, people. Fried turkey.