Friday, December 4, 2009

Fried Turkey!!!

So you think you’ve eaten a good turkey before? You lie! You have no had a real turkey until you have had it fried. That’s right. Fried, baby. For Thanksgiving my mother made one for the very first time and I was as happy as I was upset. Upset because it took me 30 years to taste this awesome ass thing.

It took about 45 minutes to fry this dirty birdie. It was by far the most juicy turkey I have ever had in my life. I doubt I will ever have better turkey. You dad’s turkey? No. Granny’s? You wish. This, my friends, is the apex. Makes me sad. Being 30 and knowing that I will never eat another turkey that taste better than this one.

If you haven’t had it you should really find a way to. I’m not talking about dipping a turkey in a trashcan full of oil. My mother used a machine for this so powerful it knocked out the electricity! It was worth it though. Next year I will have fried turkey. And the next year after that. Just you watch me. Turkey, people. Fried turkey.


Artsysoapy said...

lol okay. I bet it was good. My mouth is just watering looking at it.

HOWEVER, my dad can make a fierce turkey! It's a cajun style turkey baked in the oven but comes out extremely juicy.
How if your asking? Well my dad makes this powerful seasoning mixture that he injects all over and in the turkey. Its like green onions, onions, garlic, worchester sauce, and a whole bunch of other things.

And it is very good... =)

I just got an interesting thought... what if the two were combined? Yum that sounds soo good..

D. Ross said...

If the two were combined I would probably shoot myself right afterwards because that is just too much goodness at once. I can only take so much!!!