Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fat Tour 2017

Me and JP went on a Fat Tour last week! Well, it was over a week ago but I have been making songs, Perler beads, watching movies, and recovering from being sick so I've been putting this off. For those that do not know, a Fat Tour consists of going to three or more places in one day. This time we went to four of them in the span of two hours. Diabetes and high blood pressure be damned! The first place we went to was Guisado's in West Hollywood. This place is not close to expensive. We each got three tacos. I got one beef, pork, and chicken. JP got shrimp, beef, and chicken. My favorite was the chicken. This place was fast and busy. We sat inside and ate our dripping ass tacos. The drinks could be improved as JP described hers as “pruney.” I didn't mind it as much as gave her my lemonade one. I'd definitely go back here since its not far and they have a lot on their menu.

Next door was Salt And Straw which I'd heard about for a minute but never went to. Hell, we didn't even know it existed near me but it was right next door to Guisado's so we headed inside. We each got the same flavor of salted caramel but JP got hers in regular ice cream and I got mine as a shake. The lady at the counter warned me how salty is is so they cut it with vanilla. It was good. JP did not like hers because she said it was very salty. I believe her based on the faces she was making.

Next we headed to Leo's Taco Truck which is a catering truck on La Brea near Pico. We managed to find parking nearby which was surprising and got into line. This place is not very fast and there was a long line filled with the oddest mixture of people. Its literally a catering truck so don't expect seating or for someone to bring you your food. Hell, they didn't even have the fancy food presentation I saw on a video of this place where the guy was slicing meat off the bone and flipping pineapple slices into it. By the way, them damned pineapple slices make a taco incredible. Who knew?!

I got the beef, pork, and chicken again and the chicken was my favorite. JP got one chicken and something I can't remember that looks like a tortilla ashtray. The food was really good but if we hadn't eaten at two other places beforehand I would have been hungry as hell. These are some tiny ass tacos but they are very good. I should point out that they do have sides you can put into little containers and stuff and a table to just lean on I guess. Do not expect to get homemade guacamole though. It is like water and in a squeeze tube. Thankfully I just inhaled the tacos with no toppings added at all.

The last place we went to was Joe's Coffee & Donuts at the Farmer's Market. I had been to the Farmer's Market plenty of times over the years but have gone less and less because that area is just not fun and full of chaos. We got in line and the lady taking our order didn't even write it down. We got six donuts of five different types and each of them we really good. I ate a cinnamon roll the next day and almost passed out it was so buttery. And that was the next day and reheated! I do have to point out that JP got some empanadas from Nonna's Empanadas which I didn't know was even at this area. I can not wait for the next Fat Tour. I want something fried...

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