Monday, March 6, 2017

Four Day Birthday Meals

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday three days in a row with my cousin JP, my super best friend Cam, and my cousin Mala. On Friday JP and I went to this Thai place on Sunset called Night+Market. Thankfully valet parking is just five bucks because finding parking on Sunset is a bitch. We got there a little after it opened at 5pm and got served pretty quickly. We went all out and ordered papaya salad, chicken larb, pad see ew, and a fried chicken sandwich. Every one of these dishes were good as well as the Thai iced tea.

I enjoyed the chicken sandwich so much that I went back the next night after Chuck E. Cheese and got it with Cam. She liked the way the chicken tasted but thought that it was too wet. I understand what she meant. The previous day I went it wasn't so...juicy. It would help if the tomato was on top and not at the bottom with the sauce. It ended up making the bun soggy. But still, one of the best chicken sandwiches. The top goes to Tom Bergin's which Cam and I had tonight. I got a burger and fries. We both love going to this place and are gonna miss the fuck out of our favorite waitress.

On Sunday Mala and I went to Versailles on Pico and La Cienega. I had not been here in years because the last couple times I had gone the quality had dipped. Well, they have turned things back around. We both got the garlic chicken, rice, beans (which I did not eat), sangria, and plantains with another side of them. This was a really nice meal to have that filled me up for the rest of the night. That didn't stop us from stopping by Carmela for some ice cream and a milkshake. The last four days have been just amazing and fun and full of the love because of these three ladies.  

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