Saturday, July 30, 2011

Escuela On Beverly

Tonight I went to this place called Escuela over on Beverly Blvd. here in Los Angeles. Miss L. and I were trying to figure out where to go. We thought about The Bowery on Sunset but decided tacos would be better. I have to had passed this place dozens of times and never noticed it because its on a side street. For an appetizer we got these chips with salsa and guacamole. This was actual guacamole and it was really good. So was the salsa but the guacamole was really good.

Miss L. got the pork belly and I got the shrimp tacos. After a long wait we got our food. We shared and her pork belly was amazing. My shrimp taco tasted good but hers kicked its ass. As we were eating I remembered that I ordered a soda and finally got it. The tacos were tiny but good. Its funny but whenever I’ve gone to a Mexican themed place the food is either really big or really small.

We were still hungry so we got a carne asada taco. They always come in orders of two. It was okay. Not nearly enough seasoning or taste and a bit too many onions. This place is good but kinda pricy. Parking could possibly be a bitch but we got lucky. Nice wait staff but really slow. It took way too long in between ordering food, bringing food, and being asked if we were doing fine with our meals. Speaking of the staff I just looked at Miss L. when a waiter came to our table and for no reason said “I’m not made for double shifts.” Uh, okay, dude. I don’t care. If you go to Escuela get the pork belly and a Mexican soda and be happy.

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