Friday, July 22, 2011

Papa John's Pizza

I ordered some pizza from Papa John’s last week for the first time in years. When I first got this place I would order it almost every single week and tear it up. They had the garlic dipping sauce which is pretty much melted butter. Their crust was amazing. And then one day they decided to start making chicken and their quality dropped. They started forgetting the sauce. The dough was awkward. So I stopped until last week when I tried to order Domino’s twice. One time they dropped the phone and the other they put me on hold and forgot about me. So I said kiss my ass and ordered Papa John’s for the first time in years. It was awesome. Crust is back, garlic sauce is back, and they brought it faster than Domino’s even though they are further away. Screw you, Domino’s.


Jackie S. said...

Woo Hoo, for good customer service!

Dante Ross said...

Yeah. Real bunch of winners at Domino's.