Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Marlin On Sawtelle

Tonight Cam and I headed to this place called Blue Marlin. The way I said that makes it seem like it was really easy to find and we just moseyed our asses there with no problems. This was not the case. I had never been to this place or heard of it before she mentioned it to me, and she kinda knew where it was. So after driving around for a bit we found it. Thank god because I was getting close to bitchy. I’m so ugly when I’m hungry. When I was told about this place Cam kept saying that they had Japanese spaghetti.

I thought she was losing it because I’d never in all my hundred years heard of Japanese spaghetti. Ever. I’m super glad that I got to try it though. Besides the fact that it was brand ass new to me I got to see Little Tokyo 2.0. By the way that crazy ass plate is Cam’s meal. It had these paper thin…something’s on it and the heat from her food made them move and dissolve. I have no idea what they were and was afraid to ask.

Atmosphere. The place looks fine. Nothing too fancy and not dirty looking. Its nicer than it is not, okay? Plenty of tables and I cant imagine this place being packed since there are so many other spots in the shopping center where its located.

Service. Oh boy. There were like 5-6 minute gaps between us telling our waitress what we wanted and getting what we asked for. I just looked on Yelp and pretty much everyone says the same thing about the service. The waitress wasn’t mean or anything, she just seemed very uninterested in what she was doing. It took forever for both of us to get refills on our drinks.

Location. Very hard to find if you’re not sure exactly where it is. Lots of places nearby with people yelling for you to eat at their place, kinda like in Korea Town. We went at night so there was free street parking but if you want to, like, not walk, there is valet parking available.

Food. The food was very good. They gave us some salads which I didn’t touch. There was also some bread with butter that was good. I had a great chicken spaghetti and Cam got an eggplant spaghetti. I tried hers and it was good too. I had an Arnold Palmer which they referred to as a Half & Half. The food was very good and had enough for both of us to take some home.

Price. The price was far less than I was expecting it to be. If you’re ever near Sawtelle somewhere between Pico & Olympic give it a try.

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