Sunday, January 22, 2012

Daphne's In Culver City

Daphne’s is a Greek place that Cam and I went to earlier this evening. It was really good. I got a pita burger, fries, rice, and Coke. Not just regular Coke. But their machine had an extra button where you could squirt with cherry, vanilla, or orange syrup for flavoring. Damn, it was good! Cam got a chicken pita thing and some chicken soup. This place was pretty damn nifty and I wish there was one nearby. Now to the part of the story that led us to getting to Culver City.

We were running around and once again we barely or didn’t eat during the day. This leads me to not thinking clearly. When asked what I wanted all I could say was “Nothing Asian.” So we headed to Toast and the place was packed. We still wanted to try but there was no parking. Damn it!

Next we headed to Nona’s Empanada’s and were faced again with the issue of there being no parking nearby. When I say “No parking” I don’t mean “There is no parking on the street or around the corner so screw it.” Me and Cam love walking so that is not an issue. I mean there was no damned parking.

After threatening to eat 7/11 or Subway I gave up on not wanting Asian food. So we went to King & I and lo and behold…they were closed! Its Chinese New Year! So there’s that. I whined like a child and we decided to head to Culver City and see what happened. We found good food and my stomach was happy. The end.

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