Friday, February 3, 2012

The Gardens Of Taxco West Hollywood

Yesterday me and The Engineer went to this place called The Gardens Of Taxco over here in West Hollywood. She grew up nearby and I have lived here for over a decade and neither of us had ever been to this place. Which is kinda weird because we eat at places all the damned time and this place is less than a minutes walk. I almost went here in 2010 but didn’t for some reason. I think someone said “empanada” and I ran in the other direction. For good reason as it turns out. Here’s what their enchilada looks like.

We get here and we sat waiting for a menu. We got water and asked for a menu. Nope. They don’t have them. Yeah. That’s how they roll. This guy comes and tells you the menu which I didn’t like. I’d rather see it in front of me (along with how much food costs!) but they don’t do that. We didn’t want to hear the rest so we both ordered our food quickly and waited. And waited.

Atmosphere. Dark. So very, very dark. Like the darkest place I’ve ever eaten in my life. It seems kinda small because of the darkness. We were a little too close to the other group of people and inches from the ones on our side. We marveled at the ceiling that reminded me of pillow fights as a child. Low booth seats that I was compelled to hunch in. And low playing music that made talking loud seem rather douchey.

Location. Its right across the damn street so you cant beat that. If we had to travel it would suck paying valet or attempting to find parking which in West Hollywood is like finding a chick. Street parking here without a permit or knowing all the secret sweet spots is horrible.

Service. Once the food arrives it comes very fast. The waiters remove your food quickly and bring the food like they’re trying to rush you right the fuck out quickly. That waiter who reads the menu gets old real fast when you have to hear him do it for every table that sits down.

Food. Inconsistent. We had a five course meal that started with us getting wasted on the sangria. The Engineer wanted a margarita but they didn’t have them. I shit you not. They didn’t have them. So the sangria was awesome as hell. We started with a tiny quesadilla. Then a meatball soup that barely had flavor. Then the enchilada I posted above (image borrowed since I had lost my camera at the time). We each had a bite of it before pushing it away. Mine was sweet.

Price. I don’t even know but it couldn’t have been cheap. This place was too fancy for me. Both of us said that we would come back but just to get the sangria.

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