Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Counter On Sunset Rules

The other day Miss Q. and I went to The Counter. No, not that shitty one on Wilshire that has terrible service, but the cool one on Sunset. Let me talk about that one on Wilshire. Not only have I had two shit experiences there, but Miss Q. had one as well with a group of people. That place really needs to get their stuff together before they go the way of the Koo Koo Roo that was there. Anyhoot…

The one on Sunset is great. We went there with Wolfenstein because they allow pets outdoors and they even brought us a heater since it was chilly outside. Yes, I know I live in California. And yes, you are a jerk for mentioning how much colder it is where you are. Sorry. Them’s the rules.

We started off with parmesan fries which I didn’t even know they had there. I swear, I really need to start reading menus more thoroughly because I always end up missing out on good things. So we get these and they tasted so damned good. They give a great amount that was enough for two people. Try them next time you go.

I got The Counter Burger which is on their already made burger menu. That means that you don’t have to build them which is cool because the two of us were in no mood to make decisions. We just wanted food. My burger had a mountain of fried onion rings, red relish, cheese, and tomato. There was probably more but I ate it like a duck.

Miss Q. got The Specialty Burger. It had…a lot of stuff. Looks like avocado, peppers, some fried pickles I believe. It looked good no matter what it was, okay? The Counter on Sunset is awesome with good, fast service. The staff, like I mentioned, brought us a heater, our orders correct, and even a dish for Wolfenstein.

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Anonymous said...

So, burgers and fries served quickly? Sounds like another place you may enjoy