Friday, March 30, 2012

All About Kettle Corn

Photo courtesy of John the Neighbor.

Cam is one friend of mine that I will openly admit is a far superior cook to me. I can cook my ass off but she uses a lot of ingredients. Today we hung out watching about six episodes of Game Of Thrones on HBO which is a great show that I’ll be writing about on my Dante Rants blog. Cam made some kettle corn today and I could not stop eating it. I mean that in every damned sense of the word. I tried and would look down and my hand would be back in the bowl.

It took her about ten minutes to make and I spent about three times that amount eating it. Then she was nice enough to give me a bag to take home. I tried to eat just a few and the next thing you know my fat ass ate almost the entire bag! I’m looking at the bag right now like a damned crack fiend and trying not to devour it. I’m really trying and failing because I can smell the sweet bag through the Ziploc. Or maybe its all in my head….

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