Sunday, April 8, 2012

Smokin' Steve's & Musashi

While out in Simi Valley the other day while hanging out with Cam and the Justice’s we had barbecue on the brain. It started out innocently enough with a bag of BBQ chips and spiraled out of control until all we could think about was getting out mitts on some damned meat that was cooked with sauce! So we headed to this place called Smokin’ Steve’s.

This place was good! They had a big ass menu. I have been to quite a few BBQ places in my life and have never seen a menu that had as much as this one. They also had a lot of different flavored sauces you could take home. I have a few cups of saucy goodness waiting for me. Miss Justice got some hotlinks and macaroni. I got two big ass hotlinks with potato salad. It was very good and filling as hell.

Cam got a BBQ chicken sandwich that was very light on the sauce but like I said, we brought extra and we were able to fix that problem. The Justice’s and us had Arnold Palmer’s mixing Lipton tea and lemonade. Damn, that was a good lunch and now I’m hungry again!

But the fun didn’t end there because we went to a place called Musashi. Its like Benihana’s but…better. Cant quite explain why but it didn’t feel as jam packed where you felt rushed to eat so all the other people staring at you eating can sit down. Which is never fun. Hungry bastards.

We had a Latino chef which was cool. He was funny but not over the top and demanding attention like “Stare as I flip food in your face!” Baby Justice was there too and if she could’ve I’m sure she would have loved the chicken and fried rice as much as I did. Mr. Justice had warned us about how large the portions were and he wasn’t kidding. I’d love to go to this place again.

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