Sunday, April 29, 2012

Woodranch Once Again!

After a busy and productive morning Saturday me and Cam went over to Woodranch over at Farmer’s Market. Or The Grove. Whichever you want to call it. I have had fun at this place each time I’ve gone and am glad to say that in a day and age where customer service continues to plummet across the board, this place stays friendly and fast.

I started off with a strawberry lemonade to drink. I love their lemonades here. They are sweet but not knock your teeth out sweet like some places make them. They even put a giant ass piece of mint which I removed and gave to Cam because it looked too close to a vegetable for me.

I had forgotten about these rolls until a server brought them by. These seriously melt in your mouth with the perfect amount of garlic and butter. There’s no need to do anything to these since they arrive in the best condition possible. There’s four so its enough to make you want more and not fill you up too much.

I got a BBQ chicken sandwich that was great. It came with a side of fries. I love this thing because though it has the capacity to cripple my ass it didn’t. The cheese was melted right and it was hot but not hot enough to jack my mouth up.

Cam got a turkey burger with BBQ baked beans. She said the beans were good but that the bean to sauce ratio was way off. I don’t eat beans so I didn’t know how to console her.

Atmosphere. For the first time I sat out on the patio area. It was beautiful and we could hear live music being played from somewhere nearby. The weather was damn near perfect for LA so though it was warm there was a nice breeze every once in a while. We wanted to just sit and eat for a while and we did.

Service. This place has a great staff. The servers are always there when you need them and they magically appear whenever I need more lemonade or a drink. They offer dessert but don’t make you feel bad for not getting it. Yes, there are places that do this.

Location. They have a great location but depending on when you go you will have to deal with the parking lots at The Grove and/or Farmer’s Market. It was early Saturday morning so it wasn’t bad at all when we went.

Food. You really want me to discuss how good the food was again? Because I will. Great food all around except for, like I said, Cam’s bean to sauce ratio.

Price. For a pretty big meal and drink you’re likely to spend about $15 a piece. Not bad considering how good it is and the location of the business. Trust me, tourists traps are notorious for gouging people for every penny they have. This place doesn’t.

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