Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wood Ranch Bar & Grill

After seeing an awesome film (which you can check out reviews for at me and Cam headed to this place called Wood Ranch Bar & Grill. This spot is over at The Grove and I have passed it an assload of times and never went inside. I would smell it and be like “Wow, that smells good…” but never ventured inside. Tonight we did and I’m so glad. We started off with this macaroni which tasted good. Nothing to write mama about but better than average. They also had these rolls that were super good but needed to be eaten immediately lest they get hard.
I was this close to eating a burger (my staple at most places I try for the first time) but decided to get a chicken sandwich. This place has ribs and stuff but I hate eating barbecue like that in public. You who have eaten with me know I use napkins and act all polite but when I eat at home alone I’m a fucking animal. Why lie? I eat like a beast when I’m by myself. Anyhoot, the sandwich was very good and had a surprising mixture on it. A hot mustard sauce, bell peppers, and grilled onion on a whole wheat bun. Very tasty. The prices are about average for a spot like this and you will have something to take home. Unless you’re Cam and order a salad with old lettuce and mystery avocados. I also ordered fries with the meal and some very good strawberry lemonade. I got three or four refills and the waiter was on that shit. It was awesome. Check this place out next time you’re at The Grove.

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