Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mama's & Papa's Once Again

A few days ago I was able to head to Mama & Papa's again, this time with my cousin J. I wanted to try their Philly steak sandwich after seeing it on the menu last time as well as a new flavor of pizza. I seriously love this place. The staff is cool, the restaurant is close to my apartment, and the prices aren't ridiculous. 

I believe J. got the Aro pizza while I got the steak sandwich that came with fries as well as the Mexican pizza. The sandwich was really good and filling and I'll be getting it again. 

The Mexican pizza was good and had my mouth watering. This is probably my favorite flavor from here now. The jalapenos were hot but very good. They caught me off guard because I'm used to places using ones that are just kinda hanging there for flavor. We also went to Plan Check the next day and chowed down on some great bacon burgers and fries. It was a good weekend.

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