Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mama's And Papa's Pizza Again

I went back to Mama & Papa's in West Hollywood. Last time I went with my cousin Mala but this time it was with Cam. She'd never been there before and what made the fact that I was going again is that I had leftover pizza in my fridge and when I got into the car with her she asked what we should go and eat I responded “Anything but pizza.” She then said she wanted to try this place and there are certain restaurants that if you offer I can't say no. So we parked and walked on down there.

When we arrived and checked out the menu I saw that there was way more there than I noticed the first time. They have chicken, sandwiches, and breakfast food. Are you a fan of breakfast food? I am. So I am gonna have to try theirs out. I ordered the barbecue and chicken pizza and it is so weird how different fresh food tastes when you aren't used to eating it. This damned thing was just so good. Most times I eat pizza with chicken it tastes like everything was just chucked on there and baked all at once. Not here. All fresh.

Cam got an all cheese pizza that while good was missing...something. She suggested another type of cheese. The other thing she got was...I can't recall. But it was really damned good. There was sun dried tomatoes on it and alone those tasted really good.

This place isn't huge but there are plenty of seats inside and some outside. I'm glad that each time I went we were able to just walk because looking for parking is never fun. Oh, and our dinner was interrupted by a guy selling Red Vines. We are just enjoying our meal and he wanders on in and to make it worse the dude had my name. I was like “Did I hear him wrong?” Cam confirmed that his name was Dante. Bastard. 

I am just waiting for the chance to head back to this lace again and get some pizza. I love how big the slices are and how the crust is thin and not all floppy. The staff is cool and if you manage to eat all of it in one sitting you can easily get one more slice to go in their huge ass boxes.

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