Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lots Of Different Food

I have been to quite a few paces in the past few weeks and have totally been slacking when it comes to writing about them so like a lazy ass I'm gonna just post each one in this one blog. This isn't a Fat Tour because its over a period of weeks and not a day. Enjoy!

On Halloween before the parade me and my cousin Mala headed to Sweet Chile on Santa Monica Blvd. I had stopped going to this place for years choosing to head to Sammy's Thai Barbecue instead. Well, sad to say this but Sammy's is no longer edible. I'm serious. The food tastes so bad now. At Sweet Chile we got dumplings that looked like none I'd seen before but tasted great. Beef pad se ew as well as shrimp fried rice. Oh, and really good friend won tons. They have really large portions even for a regular size so expect to take leftovers. We had enough left for sharing each others food and two separate meals the following day. The staff here is really nice and the location is on the main street but it is nice and calm inside. Thai places love old R&B and pop.

With Koko I went to Mel's on Hollywood. I'd never been here before as many times as I'd passed it. I got a regular Mel's Burger with fries and a drink. It was a good burger and fries. It was ready to go less than ten minutes after ordering it. This is one of those places that I've heard of for years and just never went to even though I live minutes away from Hollywood. It was early in the day so it wasn't super packed in there the way I've seen it in passing. 

Koko got French toast with eggs and bacon. She shared her bacon with me proving that she is still one of my favorite people. She liked what she got as well. While this wasn't one of the best burgers I've had it was still good for the price. I liked the restaurant and would for sure go back here if I were in the area and wanted something fast and didn't want to deal with all the people that got to all of the tourists traps in the area. I really appreciate a wait staff that is fast and seems like they enjoy their job and this is one of those places. I wish I could send that last sentence to everyone working in the service industry. 

Last week Cam and I went to Penguins on Pico. I was thinking of going somewhere else to get something like Fatburger but once she mentioned Penguins I had no choice but to say no. I've always been a fan of fried catfish and shrimp and this place has been good every time I've had it. This is one of those types of places that I wish were near me but couldn't be because everything is good and fried. I always get a Snapple when I go here and this time I knew I wasn't taking anything home with me. We got the same meal as one another and I gave her my hush puppies because I care. There is not a ton of seating in this place but most people get their food to go anyway so it is fine. The wait isn't super long either. Small spot that you could easily miss but is great if you don't.

Today Mala and I went to Plan Check down on Fairfax. I had been here before with coworkers in the past and was happy that they opened up one near me. Thankfully we found parking on the street pretty easily because that entire area is notorious for bad parking. Both of us got the Plan Check Burger with bacon, ketchup leather, cheese, and a bun that was so good. We ended up getting an extra order of fries as well. Mala had issues with the side sauces and ketchup (fresh made) but I liked it. This place had a great burger that filled us up but didn't cripple us like some spots can. And I have to add that my drink was refilled three times without me having to search for the waiter. I'll for sure be heading back to this place again.

Later this evening we headed to Big Mama & Papa's Pizza on Santa Monica Blvd. I have had this I think one other time but never really pay much attention to it. This picture is from when Ellen ordered food at the Academy Awards last year for everyone. His guy, Edgar, is the owner of the location we went to. Mala and I got this pizza with a name I can't recall that had every damned thing on it. Very good pizza and bigger than either of us expected. I'm serious. It was the size of my forearm. Everything on it tasted new and fresh which is something I'm not too used to after living off of pizza I thought was good for years (Domino's...). This was automatically added to my top three favorite pizza places and I'll be grabbing slices from here when I get a hankering. Oh, and they cut up the giant slice so it is like four slices of regular pizza!

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