Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bludso's Barbecue On La Brea

Cam and I went to this place on La Brea just south of Melrose called Bludso's Barbecue, and let me tell you: this place is amazing. For over a month we've been talking about barbecue and I had two places I thought about going to nearby because I had never heard of this place. So after some shopping we headed here.

I started off with the Big Red soda (Cam got Cherrywine) which is awesome and has real sugar in it. For a meal I had the rib tips. These were perfect. The seasoning was incredible. They have two hot sauces and the hot one is the better of the two. It isn't too hot and even if you do not enjoy hot, you will likely love this. Cam got the chicken and I tasted it and it was so good.

For side we got the macaroni and cheese which had a texture more like mashed potatoes. It was awesome. We also had cornbread, potato salad, and sweet pickles. I also got banana bread pudding but I got it to go and have not tried it yet. If it is as good as everything else we had I'll love it.

If you are ever in the area you should give this place a try. It hasn't been around here for long (the original location is in Compton) but I will be going to this place again before the end of the year. The staff was really nice and fast. The food was great. The prices are good. Check it out.


Sort of Camille said...

I have man hands in that photo.

Dante said...

You couldn't have man hands if you tried.