Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back At Stout

I went to Stout in Hollywood with Cam this afternoon. We didn’t have that much time before seeing a movie (which you can read a review for here) and wanted something nearby. She had never gone to this place and I hadn’t been back since going with The Engineer so we parked at The Arclight and walked the block or so. We found a table immediately which was cool because the place was over half full. We got our menus and tried to figure out what burgers and beer to get. They have a lot of beers and I’m no expert on booze. I just wanted something that had a lot of alcohol and picked something with 14% because I’m a grown ass man.

I got the Six Weeker which was amazing. It had fig jam on it and was so good. Cam got the Bollywood burger and she said it was spicy but good. We also got the seasoned fries which were enough for two people. I’m glad that we went here because it was so damned good and just enough food to fill us up but not cripple us the way that some places do. Now, enough with the hand job for this place. I have some complaints to place, dagnabbit.

It took forever to get service! The table next to us got their water before we did even though we were there first. The waitress finally arrived to let us know that we weren’t seen. Yeah. Then she offered to have the girl she was training serve us. In hindsight we probably should’ve because our waitress was so slow. We got our beers which Cam will write about on her Potato Chips and Beer blog at some point. It took about half an hour to get our stuff and we asked for our check early just to make sure we made it to the film in time. Still…great food.

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