Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pho & Fish

I know I haven’t posted on here for a long time so I’m gonna have to put , like, three different places in this one post. I’ve been going to a lot of places to eat lately and tried some new stuff. It has been awesome being able to try these new spots. I’m gonna start off with this place I have been to a couple of times now called Pho Café in early August.

Pho Café 

This place is good. It’s a Vietnamese place where you should know that you wont be getting service with a smile. You will get your food fast and hot though which is more important. I got a massive bowl of chicken pho that when I thought I was done would turn out to have another pound of food at the bottom. Cam got a dish but it turned out to be the wrong thing so she didn’t enjoy her meal as much.

For an appetizer we got these chicken egg rolls that are really good as well. This place is hard as hell to find even if you’ve been there before. Its in the middle of a small shopping center in Silverlake that we passed by three times before saying “There was a white building!” and found it. Check this place out if you can.

Village Idiot

In mid-August I went to Village Idiot on Melrose with Dr. Juju. I had been past this place hundreds of times and never went but it was her birthday and she suggested it. This place is nice and quiet and the staff is cool. I got the fish and chips with a glass of wine which is weird but whatever. The fries were good but the fish was a tad bit on the salty side. I’m not dying to head back here but I wouldn’t deter anyone from going.

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