Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mendocino Farms Is Great

Mendocino Farms is a place over here that is fucking amazing. I would post a picture of their food but I have taken some pretty bad ones that don’t represent the food they serve very well. The first time I went was to the one on 3rd and Fairfax next to that new Trader Joe’s across from The Grove with Miss Q. I got an awesome sandwich that I cant recall but it was some sort of club. The next time I went was with Cam where I tried the blue cow chicken sandwich which was so damned good and tasted just as good the next day. I was like “How is this possible?!” 

The third time I went was during a shopping spree with Cam and we tried the one on Santa Monica and La Brea in that Target shopping center aka Parking Here Hurts Your Soul. I got the chicken salad sandwich which looked great on paper and Cam got the same. We tried it and both of our eyes lit up. This was better the next day. The very next day, even as my half sandwich sat at home in my fridge, I went to the one on 3rd with my tattoo artist and tried the steak BLT which blew my fucking mind. Other than great sandwiches this place has lemonades, chips, and a ton of side dishes like potato salads that rule and regular salads. This is a spot I’ll be going to at least every two weeks because the staff is the best out of any restaurant I have been to in L.A and the food is consistently good. I just hope they don’t start popping up everywhere like The Counter because we have seen how shitty their service is now.

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