Friday, December 31, 2010

Tomato Pie On Melrose

Last week me and Cam got out of the movies (where I didn’t get my normal staple of Milk Duds, popcorn, and soda) we were hungry. Yes, we had eaten at Toast prior to going to the movies but for some reason both of us were craving something. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted. She wanted something salty. I kept dirty jokes to myself. I wanted something and didn’t know what. We ended up going to this place called Tomato Pie across the street from the hell hole known as my former high school. Damn, this place was good! We got a slice of barbecue chicken pizza and it actually tasted like one. Yeah, I know that sounds weird. But most places that makes barbecue chicken pizza really mean “Hey, this is 90% tomato sauce and some barbecue sauce mixed in. Sorry…” Its on Melrose near Fairfax and you should go there if you want. Good prices, cool staff, fun music, and its tiny as hell.

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