Sunday, December 12, 2010

Island's Burger

Last week I went to Island’s in Malibu. I hadn’t been to this place since the 90’s and the last time I went I didn’t enjoy it all that much. So when my friend Sophia said that we were heading their to hang out with her friend I was like “Aw, man…” We got there and I ended up ordering the Malibu Burger (naturally) which had cheese and bacon. Damn, it was good! They have really upped their burger game since the last time I went. They also have unlimited fries which taste great. The wait staff was good and filled up my drink three times which is my minimum. Everyone that has ever eaten with me knows that. If you haven’t tried it I suggest you do. They’re all over the place.

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Anonymous said...

Yum it was good. A bit pricey. But, unlimited refills, fries and a huge burger is the tradeoff. ;) - Sophia