Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dorito's Tacos At Midnight

Have you tried these? No? Then you are dead to me. These are Taco’s At Midnight flavored Dorito’s and they are awesome. Camille made a taco salad that she mixed with these and they were so damned good! Do they taste like tacos at midnight? I don’t know. I don’t eat tacos at midnight. I eat vagina or cereal. Mostly cereal. Lots of cereal. Very little vagina. But it has happened. So yeah. Taco’s At Midnight are delicious!


Jackie S. said...

I love Doritos, but a whole big bag would KILL me, why you ask? MSG..but because they are oh so addicting I eat a small snack size bag and drink a shit load of water (dinosaur pee to you)... the at midnight part is kinda goofy, I mean... do tacos taste better at midnight??

Dante Ross said...

I think they call them Tacos At Midnight because that's usually when people are drunk and will eat things they normally wouldnt. I think thats why Del Taco stayed in business.