Friday, September 10, 2010

Honey barbeque Lay's

I was talking to the hotness on the phone and was craving something but I couldn’t think of what it was. I had already had some Flaming Hot chips earlier. I looked for the jalapeno flavored ones but they were out. So I cursed on the inside. But then I spotted this lovely little bag and grabbed it.


These are Honey Barbeque Lay’s. They taste okay. I mean, I was hoping for more honey and less barbeque. They actually taste very similar to the mesquite flavored Lay’s. If you see them grab them but they’re nothing to seriously wet your draws over. If I had a Sprite I bet they would taste better…


Jackie S. said...

Mesquite Lay's are my favorite, next to cool ranch doritos..yum..doritos!

Dante Ross said...

I love Cool Ranch Dorito's but I cant eat them around people. They make my breath smell like feet.