Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Booze Hound

I like an adult beverage. Yeah. I first had a drink when I was 22 and it was this rudy poo ass champagne. I almost stopped there. It just fell in line with a list of my first being terribly disappointing. You fill in the blanks.

After a while I went from hard lemonades to Corona to Heineken to hard ass liquor. Once I had a vodka tonic that was it. I rarely touch beer anymore. If its there, fine. But its never my first choice. In the picture is a vodka tonic that was just one of many drinks I had last Saturday at a wedding I attended.


From what a friend and a tablecloth we kept notes on said I had 3 Long Island iced teas, 2 vodka tonics, 1 glass of champagne, and 4 shots of Jose Cuervo. And then later on I had a cup of rum and Coke.


I like booze but its not something that should be done often. Me and my liver have a deal.


Jackie S. said...

My "math notes", were better :P

Dante Ross said...

I love that you scratched out the 3 and added 4 for the Jose Cuervo. Thankfully I don't faint.