Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lola's On Fairfax

Last night I went to this place called Lola’s on Fairfax and Santa Monica. it’s a martini bar. Or maybe its not. Either way they make good martinis. I went there with Heidi, Michelle, and two of Heidi’s friends. It was a cool ass spot. And deceptively large and loud. From the outside it looks small. They were playing a bunch of old school rap songs that we were laughing at. Good times.

Most places depending on where you go bring you things like tortilla chips and salsa, bread and oil or whatever. This place brings fancy chips and some vegetable things I didn’t even try and touch. The chips weren’t crunchy and that was strange but the more I ate the better they tasted. Michelle said they tasted like they were made in truffle oil. I’ll take her word for it.

I had a martini whose name I cant recall. It was very effective. And when I say effective I mean it got me drunk really fast. Like, really fast!

Oh, the macaroni! Heidi was raving about this stuff and she didn’t lie when she said it was the best macaroni ever! It was enough for two people so I had leftovers. This place is super pricey though and not somewhere I would go to often even though it tasted great. Very trendy type place but no one was an asshole and the waitress was nice. But watch out for the gratuity charge.

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