Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cheetos Puffs Honey BBQ

On a trip to the liquor store while having a damned "Chip Fit" (those random moments when your brains points out the fact that you haven’t eaten any chips in a while) I saw this bag of Cheetos that that looked unfamiliar. I grabbed a bag and it turns out they were Cheetos Puffs Honey BBQ. I didn’t touch them for a day (instead eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos) but once I did I was in the love. These huge ass things are delicious. Don’t eat these looking for the taste of cheese though. Its all about the honey and barbecue.

These has a very similar taste to Frito’s Honey BBQ but they aren’t as hard. These taste really good and every time I see a new Cheeto I pray that they will eventually bring back the bacon flavored ones. A man can dream. I went to the store again today looking through the chips wondering if there was some new flavor I was missing. There wasn’t. Until the day I see a bag of salt & vinegar Cheeto’s I wish you all a Happy New Year and thanks for supporting my blogs!

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