Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Foreign Potato Chips

Cam recently got back from South America and since she is the best woman to ever live she brought some snacky nyum-nyums for me to try. They were chips and I was excited because they were two flavors I had never tried before. I’ll start with the first one which was from Walker’s (part of Frito Lay’s). It was Pollo flavored and when I opened the bag I said “It smells like Chicken McNuggets.” I popped one in my mouth and immediately my tongue said “No! No! What the…?! Why are you doing this to me?!” It tasted like someone had taken a Vienna sausage, let it dry, mashed it flat, and put it in a bag. Instinctively my tongue shoved it between my gums and my cheek. Cam had one or two and put them down. These things were the devil and I cant see how anyone could eat these and enjoy them. They taste like fresh ass.

The next flavor was Hamburguesa a la brasa de Claudia (she entered for a chance for her flavor to win). I smelled the bag and got a hint of onion and ketchup. I slowly tasted one and was surprised to find that they were very good. Cam told me to try more than one at a time and when I did I got the full hamburger taste. I wish they had these here because they are awesome. The other flavors that I will never try because I value both ends food goes in and out of are Cajun Squirrel (nope), Chili & Chocolate (hell no), Pickle (maybe), Prawn Cocktail (lord no), English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding (why?), Japanese Teriyaki Chicken (not never), Cheese & Onion (like being single much?), and South African Sweet Chutney (it tastes like reparation!). I'm waiting for Bile & Hurt.


Sort of Camille said...

Although they look good (Cajun squirrel, YUM!), looks like you got the southern United States Frito Lay brand (Walkers). The one from Colombia is called Margarita. Check out their site: papasmargarita.com.
And it looks like the BBQ ribs Costillitas flavor won. Pollo, the vienna sausage tasting one wasn't up for a vote, unfortunately. Its already a regular flavor. Ugh.

Sort of Camille said...

Pickle chips are de-freakin-licious. I even make them at home.

Dante Ross said...

It was hard finding the right pictures for these things. Most had multiple chips at once in the photos. I should've waited for yours but I needed to do this while the strange chicken flavor was fresh in my brain. And how did that get approved for mass consumption?!