Thursday, January 14, 2010

Swinger's Baby

Wanna go swinging? No, not like that you perverts. There’s this place I have known about for freaking years but never tried to go there. Never even thought about going there. Its called Swinger’s over on Beverly Blvd. here in Los Angeles.

My best friend on the fucking planet Cam took me there and it was just so damn good. They grill their onions. Yeah. Thank you. That may not seem like a big deal but it is. When you get a fast food burger they pretty much just slice an onion in half and toss it onto your burger leaving you with stank ass mouth. They grilled theirs brown and delicious.

And their big ass fries were just amazing. I do not suggest running after eating here. I did. It was stupid. The aiter we had was very cool and fast. I got three refills on my drink. Sprite in case you’re wondering. Cam got a grilled cheese something or other. I stuck with the plain burger as you can see and enjoyed it terribly. Umami was a bit more expensive than Swinger’s. If you have about $20 you and another person can easily eat here and get full. I highly recommend heading to Swinger’s and getting some cool food at a cool place.

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